How to Create Your Own Backlink Strategy

Every SEO expert and marketing guru will have his or her own unique backlink strategy. Some will emphasize on targeted link building, others will focus on non-targeted link building and still others will do everything in between.

So where does one begin?

The first step is to consider whether or not the backlink building is a one-time strategy or a long term strategy. If it’s a one time approach it would be best to look at all of the sites you are interested in promoting. Use a search engine and check to see what other websites the same as yours is listed with.

This is a good idea if you are already well known in your niche and may already have other sites that are doing well. In this case you can easily check out the other sites that are related to yours and see which ones are related to yours and vice versa.

Now all you have to do is find sites that are similar to yours and contact the owner of the site and see if they are interested in linking back to your site. You may even want to offer them a low-cost guest post on your site for free.

Make sure that the site that you offer the guest post on has a lot of traffic. Ask if they have any competition so you can help them get better rankings on the search engines. This way you’ll be helping both yourself and the site owner.

When it comes to a longer time backlink strategy, you should do whatever you can to promote your sites with inbound links. You should do this both on the social networking web sites and through other venues. The only downside to this strategy is that you’ll have to build out more links rather than just one.

Making use of what’s available

The best way to do this is to make use of free tools that are available to help you find sites with similar interests. There are a lot of these tools available online but I’m going to recommend current, which is very user friendly and will help you find relevant websites with the click of a button.

Another great tool that can be used for finding links is Altbase. This is a link community tool that helps you to build out a link network and find out who your competition is.

The last backlink strategy is to promote your website through Google AdWords. Since this is a sponsored program, you don’t have to worry about developing content and trying to get your site out there.

Since you have to be approved by Google to be approved to use this tool you will need to pay some money upfront. However, it is an affordable option and it can be built up over time.

To summarize this article it’s easy to see that each of these methods can work, but the way that they work depends on the nature of your site. For example, the “paid” backlink strategies work well for those who have lots of content that you can improve.

The long term backlink strategies will work best for those that have a wealth of information that they can leverage for their site. However, the methods that I have listed can work for almost any site and anyone that have enough content to use the sites that I have mentioned.