Important Office 365 Tips

Microsoft Office 365 is an application line of membership services sold by Microsoft as a part of the Microsoft Office suite. It is intended for use on Microsoft Windows based computers. The service offers the user the opportunity to create, edit, store, and share documents as well as calendars, forms, presentations, and web projects. The advantage of having a managed services application is that the user is able to focus on his work while the company he works to provide on-going support and maintenance for the applications.

Microsoft is gradually rolling out new plans aimed at winning more business with its latest offering called Microsoft Office 365 Service. This was launched in March of this year with the launch of the Microsoft Office 2021. The latest plan is focused at widening the reach of Office 365 so that it can be used by businesses of all sizes. This would mean that a company running a small business would have access to this powerful suite of applications regardless of its size.

With the introduction of Microsoft Office 365 service,

the user will no longer need to sign in to his account to access the Office application. On completion of a job, users can simply log into their Microsoft Office 365 account, access the account management section, and set their Active Directory permissions accordingly. This will make for a more convenient and fluid experience when working with Outlook and other Microsoft Office applications.

Microsoft Office 365 service enables users to gain access to five computers per user with a single login.

This is accomplished by creating a group within the Microsoft Office 365 service and assigning permissions to the users. The group members can then install and run the various Microsoft Office applications from their computer terminals. Furthermore, five computers can be shared at the same time. The advantage here is that there is only one administrative password to remember and to provide for security purposes on all five computers.

On the business or professional plus side, Microsoft Office 365 for business has a feature known as business intelligence. With this feature, the users can get real-time business intelligence reports which can be customized according to the need of the moment. Microsoft SharePoint and Project online help users to create and share documents online. Also, when a new document is created it is stored in the SharePoint site for further review and sharing or publishing.

Microsoft Office 365 plans aimed at home users have been designed to help them manage their professional and personal lives in the best possible way. Home users have the option of scheduling appointments online or directly through the email. This feature is available on both mobile and landline numbers. Mobile numbers can even be dialed directly to get the schedule or the call list. Also, if an individual is not satisfied with what he has written in his email he can go online and review it before sending it. Also, Outlook calendar can be used for scheduling appointments, reminders, and alerts.

One of the latest additions to the Microsoft Office suite of products is the Yammer suite of products. Yammer is mainly targeted at small businesses who aim to grow faster than any other enterprise group. Yammer is available on the subscription plan starting from the low-priced low monthly plan to the mid-priced expensive yearly plan. All the plans aimed at home users include features like:

Companies who sign up for Microsoft SharePoint can also enjoy the benefits of online collaboration, application testing, and deployment, and rich reporting and analysis tools such as Microsoft Project Server, Visual Studio, and Visual Express Online.

  • The high-powered and robust Business Portal application enables business groups to collaborate with partners, customers, and suppliers.
  • This application can be used to integrate email, calendars, contacts, digital media, instant messaging, social networking tools, and white-label solutions into an organization’s corporate platform.
  • With the help of business portals, companies can also collaborate with their colleagues and customers from across the world and share files, documents, and images effortlessly.